Her Parents Always Favor Her Older Sister’s Children, So After It Happened Again This Year With Christmas Presents, Her Husband Went Out And Bought Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Extra Gifts For Her Niece, Who Was Left Out

For whatever reason, though, her parents declined to do that and have continued to favor her older sister’s kids in front of everyone else.

So, for this Christmas Eve, she and her brother honestly were not planning to go to her parent’s house to celebrate.

And when her mother asked why, she was honest– reiterating the gift situation, as well as pointing out how the only thing her parents ever talked about was her older sister and her nephews.

During that conversation, though, her mother did reportedly promise that would not happen again this year. So, she and her brother decided to give her parents one last chance.

And after arriving at her parent’s house on Christmas Eve, things were going smoothly at first. Well, that was until it came time to unwrap presents.

Apparently, her husband had to work that day– so he was going to show up a bit later and bring everyone’s presents with him. At the time, though, her brother, sister, and parents still decided to hand out their gifts beforehand.

Afterward, her mother then disappeared toward the end of the gift exchange before coming back with “special” presents for her older sister’s children. Shocker.

First, her sixteen-year-old nephew received a brand-new iPhone. Then, her thirteen-year-old nephew got a new iPad. Both boys received some other gift cards, too.

Thankfully, she claims that her kids were not particularly hurt by the extra gifts given to her nephews. However, she did notice that her fourteen-year-old niece, Evelyn, was pretty upset.

Rather than being sympathetic or even just ignoring it, though, her sixteen-year-old nephew actually decided to say something to Evelyn. In fact, he told Evelyn to “stop being a baby” and just appreciate that she got a gift at all. Then, her thirteen-year-old nephew and her older sister both laughed at that.

So, she was understandably pissed off by that and decided to text her husband for help. More specifically, she told him about what happened, asked him if he could stop at the store to pick up something extra for Evelyn, and figured that he would just purchase an extra gift card or something.

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