Her Sister Directly Went Against Her Rules When Babysitting Her Son With ASD, So She Went Off And Said It Would Be A “Cold Day In Hell” Before Her Sister Gets To See Her Kids Again

On top of keeping her son away from screens, though, she also wanted to prevent her son’s picky palate from forming a possible dependence on fast food.

So, her family never ever eats fast food or processed foods because she just does not want to introduce her son to those items.

Her son is also already quite limited in terms of what he will eat, anyway. He will eat almost any fruit and will eat salad, as long as it has one specific kind of dressing on it.

Her son will also eat meat that is cooked in certain ways but will only eat steamed veggies. All of the foods have to be separate, as well.

However, her occupational therapist and developmental therapist have commended her for limiting exposure to screens and processed foods.

Apparently, they said that withholding those common vices have likely helped her son since he is “so severe.”

“He does eat more than most kids and more variety, and he will use toys more because he has no screens,” she noted.

Anyway, because her family has all of these rules– and due to the fact that her son really struggles whenever he strays from his routine– she and her partner really try not to go out too much.

Her son usually has meltdowns in public, too, just because the environment is too overwhelming for him.

Recently, though, her thirty-two-year-old sister decided to give her and her partner a “present.” Essentially, they were able to have a night out– without the kids– while her sister babysat.

And she was super thankful. Before she and her partner headed out, though, she made sure to prepare everything for her son.

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