His Wife Recently Got A New Job After Being Referred By One Of Her Friends, But Now He Believes His Wife Is Also Entitled To Get Half Of Her Friend’s Referral Bonus From The Company

nenetus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Unfortunately, this man’s wife recently lost her job. But, she did not stay unemployed for long, and it is all because of the help of his wife’s friend Hannah.

Apparently, his wife applied for a job at her friend’s company, and Hannah gave her a referral. Then, his wife landed the job, and it was a win-win situation.

She got a great new position, and her friend is now set to receive a referral and recruitment bonus in three months following the end of his wife’s trial period.

However, there is one part of this whole thing that has really gotten under his skin– and it has to do with the bonus money.

He claims that the “right thing to do” in these situations is for the recruiter to split the bonus with the recruited employee fifty-fifty.

“That is just how it is. I have never heard of someone not sharing, and I always shared when I referred somebody,” he explained.

But, his wife’s friend Hannah never offered to share any of the bonus money, and that really ticked him off.

So, he actually ended up telling his wife that she needed to ask Hannah for half of the cash.

Understandably, though, his wife just does not want to. First of all, she claims that Hannah already helped her land her ultimate dream job.

nenetus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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