He’s About To Propose To His Girlfriend And He Was Hoping His Mom Would Give Him His Grandma’s Ring, But She Said He Can Have The Ring Her Ex Proposed To Her With Instead

Oguz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or ring

A 24-year-old guy has been with his girlfriend since they were both in high school, and they are still madly in love with one another.

They live together, but now he’s ready to propose to his girlfriend pretty soon. Over the past couple of months, his mom mentioned to him that she would give him his grandma’s ring that he could use to propose to his girlfriend with.

The thing is, his mom has been promising him since he was a child that he would get his grandma’s ring when he was ready to propose, as his father’s mom passed that tradition on to his dad, and his mom wanted to keep it going.

He recently went home for the holidays, and he was thrilled to be able to pick up his grandma’s ring on his trip.

So, while he was home, his mom walked into his bedroom one day holding a jewelry box, and then she pulled out a ring he had never seen before in his life.

“I asked where it came from, and she said it was the ring that her ex-fiancé proposed to her with a few years ago (my parents have been divorced for 15 years; ex-fiancé was around for about 10 years),” he explained.

“Ex-fiancé made it clear that my sister and I were my mom’s kids and not his problem. I lived in his house for 7 years but did not speak to him, per his request. He called off their wedding about 3 years ago, but my mom kept the ring, apparently.”

“I was weirded out that she kept the ring because she hates him now, and our family is not allowed to talk about him. I feel even weirder that she offered me the ring.”

He honestly was speechless when his mom presented her old engagement ring to him, especially since it obviously doesn’t come with good memories.

Oguz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or ring

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