His Fiancée Left Him At The Altar, But Now She Wants Him To Take Her Back, And He Has No Idea What To Do 

And about two to three months ago, before the wedding was set to unfold, his girlfriend’s nerves came to a point. Plus, she reportedly tried to talk to him about it.

So, in hindsight, he can see where he went wrong and acknowledge some faults. Apparently, his girlfriend did try to bring up how she was nervous and how the whole idea of a “grand wedding” was seriously stressing her out.

In fact, his girlfriend’s ideal wedding likely would have just been a small destination wedding with a large party afterward.

However, both he and his girlfriend succumbed to their family’s pressure– since both of their loved ones’ requested a big wedding and invited all of their friends.

On top of that, his girlfriend was pretty worried about the commitment of marriage, combining their finances, and other details.

Yes, they had discussed all of these things beforehand, but he realizes now that perhaps his girlfriend just needed some reassurance.

“In hindsight, I realize that every time she brought it up to me before that she was anxious, I chalked it up to the normal cold feet people get and would say it will be fine and brushed it off,” he revealed.

It’s not like he was completely worry-free, either, though. He was also stressed about all of the work he had to get done prior to taking a long leave, as well as the planning and budgeting too.

Don’t get me wrong– he and his girlfriend both made great money, but the exorbitant wedding was going over even their generous budget, and they did not want to take any money from their parents. So, the whole thing was a bit overwhelming.

He and his girlfriend still made it to the night before the wedding, though, and were set to get married the very next day. That evening, though, he remembers his girlfriend seeming very jittery.

Still, he just told her to calm down and get some sleep and was honestly really looking forward to the event.

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