His Girlfriend Explicitly Asked For A Sewing Machine For Her Birthday, But He Got Her A Cricut Instead, So She Was Pretty Upset, And He Ended Up Crying

So, he felt forced to explain himself and tried to tell his girlfriend about everything that a Cricut was capable of doing.

He claims that Sarah just did not listen to him, though, and then pulled out her phone to Google the price of the machine.

Then, once she realized that he had spent over one thousand dollars on the gift, she freaked out.

In fact, Sarah claimed that he could have gotten her four whole sewing machines or even taken her on vacation for that insane price.

Honestly, though, hearing that hurt him– especially since he put a lot of effort into getting her that gift.

And even though he believes it is embarrassing, he admitted to starting to cry despite not being much of an emotional guy.

Apparently, his tears did not really mean anything to Sarah, though, because she just asked why he was crying.

Then, she kind of called him out for doing the direct opposite of what she requested for her birthday.

“I do appreciate your presence, but it’s just that you totally disregarded what I wanted,” Sarah said. Afterward, she also left to give him some space to calm down.

Now, they did have a birthday dinner together later that evening– despite it being rather awkward, according to him.

To this day, though, Sarah apparently still has not touched her Cricut. He believes that she might be trying to make a point. More specifically, how he really wasted his money on something that she would not use.

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