His Wife Humiliates Him Every Single Year At His Company Christmas Party, So He Decided To Lie To Her In An Effort To Get Her To Stay Home This Year

Raisa Kanareva - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man currently has a job working for a company that’s extremely pompous and showy. Additionally, every single person at his company bends over backward in an effort to flatter and charm his boss.

Each year, his company throws a lavish Christmas party, and it’s a big deal for all of the employees, including him.

“It is always a fancy venue, cocktail attire, and great food,” he explained. “When I first started working there, it was something I was excited to take my wife to, but it is now something I dread.”

“My wife gets herself so stressed over it that she is miserable for weeks leading up to it. She agonizes over what to wear, always goes over budget, and spends the whole day on hair and makeup.”

“Then, when we get there, she honestly embarrasses me (and again, I feel like s***). Every year she tries so hard to befriend my boss’s wife, who clearly wants nothing to do with her, and literally looks at her husband like save me. I always feel my boss is laughing at me.”

And in the days after the party, his wife never fails to talk for days on end about his boss’s wife and how nasty she is.

His wife also makes fun of his boss’s wife, and he is constantly scared that somehow, his wife’s mean words will get back to his boss or his boss’s wife.

This entire ordeal is difficult for him to stand by and watch happen.

“I have tried to talk to her about her behavior, but she gets defensive, and nothing changes,” he said.

Raisa Kanareva – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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