She And Her Husband Usually Spend Christmas In Hawaii With Their Kids, But His Dad Passed Away Last Year, And He Wanted To Stay Home With His Mom, So She Ended Up Going To Hawaii With Her Kids Alone

“He said he really wanted to spend Christmas with his family and felt like his mom really needed it,” she added.

To be quite honest, though, she was pretty pissed. According to her, they had made a plan, and they saw her mother-in-law last month.

On top of that, she already had her own father purchase their plane tickets and hotel accommodations.

So, she believed that it would be beyond unfair to her, her father, and her kids to miss the Hawaii Christmas vacation for the second year in a row “just for his mom.”

“Who we would see a few days after we got back anyway,” she noted.

If you could not have guessed, though, her husband obviously did not agree with her perspective on the situation. And this caused them to get into an argument.

Then, her husband ended up proposing a different suggestion. She and the kids could go to Hawaii for Christmas alone; meanwhile, her husband would stay back to celebrate with his mom.

Now, they did both end up agreeing to do this, even though it was clear to her that her husband was really upset she was more willing to spend Christmas in Hawaii apart rather than be with her mother-in-law.

Nonetheless, they have since gone through with their separate plans anyway. So, now, she is currently in Hawaii trying to watch and “wrangle” the kids all by herself. At the same time, her husband is at home, and there is a lot of tension between them.

He has reportedly not texted her or really responded to her much at all.

And when she tries to call her husband, she claims that he only talks to her for a couple of minutes before asking to speak to their kids or trying to get off the phone entirely.

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