She Claims Her Boyfriend Is Perfect In Every Way, But She Cannot Get Over The Fact That He Makes Less Money Than Her

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This twenty-eight-year-old woman has been dating her boyfriend, who is thirty, for over a year now. Despite her claiming that her boyfriend is “literally perfect,” though, there has been one thing making her question the future of their relationship: his income.

But before we dive into that, let’s get into how they even met in the first place. Apparently, she and her boyfriend were both born in the same city before moving to the same state– completely unbeknownst to each other. It kind of sounds like fate, right?

Well, by the time they reached high school, she and her boyfriend ended up adding each other on emerging social networks like Facebook and Snapchat.

“And he has been flirting with me and shooting his shot ever since,” she recalled.

However, she honestly never gave her boyfriend a chance when she was a teenager– because, according to her, she was too busy falling head over heels for “bad boys.”

Then, once she reached adulthood, she admits to never thinking that her boyfriend met her standards.

“I fell on the ‘high-value man’ and ‘never settle, level up’ bandwagon in my early twenties. So, I dated well-off and very established men with no children,” she explained.

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, could not have been more different from this archetype. At twenty-four years old, he welcomed a daughter into the world. He also did not pursue college and bounced between low-paying construction and factory jobs.

Nonetheless, she ended up falling in love with her boyfriend anyway. But recently, she cannot help but notice their income disparities.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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