She Decided To Leave Her Friend’s House After Their Chihuahua Attacked Another Party Guest, But Her Friend Took Her Exit Super Personally And Is Now Accusing Her Of Ruining The Whole Party

mad_production - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

This thirty-two-year-old woman has a friend named Dana, and Dana recently invited a few people over for a hangout to drink and catch up.

She and the rest of her friends were all down to attend, including another woman named Amy and Amy’s husband, Mark.

Anyway, Dana apparently bought a chihuahua about two months ago and named the pet “Chica.”

Now, Chica is an adult, and it was made clear before Dana purchased the dog that Chica had “issues” related to separation anxiety.

According to her, though, Dana had put Chica on a specific feeding schedule, and the dog was reportedly a well-behaved pet overall.

“Dana said nothing about any aggressive behavior, and I’d like to mention that I love animals– big and small. So, I was looking forward to meeting Chica,” she recalled.

After she arrived at Dana’s house for the get-together, though, things took a pretty quick turn after Chica attacked her friend Amy.

It all began after she showed up for the hangout a bit late, so most of her friends were there already. In turn, she just joined in on the fun and started to catch up with the group.

About fifteen minutes later, though, Dana decided to bring Chica out of the bedroom and introduced the dog to the group in Lion King fashion. She and the rest of her friends all thought that was cute and laughed, but then tragedy struck.

mad_production – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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