She Decided To Leave Her Friend’s House After Their Chihuahua Attacked Another Party Guest, But Her Friend Took Her Exit Super Personally And Is Now Accusing Her Of Ruining The Whole Party

As soon as Dana put Chica down, the chihuahua apparently bolted over to Amy, latched onto her leg, and started viciously attacking it while growling.

So, of course, everyone started freaking the heck out; meanwhile, Amy was screaming and crying, attempting to push the chihuahua off of her leg.

Then, Amy’s husband, Mark, stepped in to help and also tried pulling Chica off of Amy’s leg. According to her, though, Dana was the only one who did not try to help.

Instead, Dana just kept screaming, “Don’t hurt my baby! What are you doing! Leave her alone!” the entire time!

Mark did eventually get Chica off of Amy’s leg, thankfully, and he held the dog up in the air while screaming at Dana to “take it.”

And finally, Dana grabbed hold of the pup, ran back into her bedroom, and slammed the door.

Once Chica was removed from the situation, and Dana was in the back of the house, everyone then turned their attention to Amy– who literally had blood running down her leg.

Understandably, though, Amy and Mark were both over the hangout after that and decided to leave following the attack.

“And the rest of us were sitting there like holy, what just happened?” she explained.

After Dana finally made her way back to the living room, though, she remembered her friend casually asking where Amy and Mark had gone.

Moreover, she noted how Dana was acting way too nonchalant about the situation– and she and the rest of her friends just could not believe it.

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