She Ditched Her Friend At The Airport After Promising To Give Her A Ride, And She Can’t Understand Why Her Friend Is Now Ghosting Her

The problem is that Emma was supposed to stay at her place, as Emma doesn’t live in the same city, and she had promised to give Emma a ride back to the train station she needed to be at in order to get home.

But, instead of being a good friend and waiting for Emma, she got tired of waiting around for her. She then sent Emma a text to say that instead of getting her to the train station as she had said she would, she was leaving Emma to her own devices, and it was on Emma to get to the train.

It slowly dawned on Emma that she was about to be left behind, stranded at the airport, and Emma questioned her if that was really what she was about to do.

“I asked her what she wanted me to do, run after her? She said that she just wanted a bit of understanding that she had her carry-on taken because everything she brought was in the bag, and it was a stressful situation,” she said.

“I snapped back and said that the trip we went on wasn’t even to sightsee, it was just so she could see her friend, and she responded that we went to see everything I specifically wanted to see and more. Further, Emma said that Lena hosted us well and drove us around the entire week we were there, housed us, her parents fed us breakfast in the mornings, and Lena paid for all the gas, parking, and tolls. I can admit that I was a little passive-aggressive, but she went on to say that if my luggage was taken, she would be with me as support: I said well, it’s not my fault she lost her luggage.”

Well, Emma has ghosted her since then, and she can’t believe why Emma would do such a thing. She does not believe that she did anything wrong in leaving Emma at the airport alone after promising to help her get home.

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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