She Has A Christmas Cookie Boot Camp On TikTok, Where She’s Showing You How To Recreate Some Pretty Incredible Christmas Cookies

TikTok - @gartygoodies

When it comes to making festive Christmas cookies, cookie cutters will do the trick every time. But if you don’t own any or are tired of the same old designs, just know that there are other more creative ways to decorate your cookies without the fancy cutters.

Maddie (@gartygoodies) is a baker based in Minnesota, and she’s showing TikTok users how to make the most epic Christmas cookies of all time using six different designs. And you don’t even need to have the skills of a pastry chef or an artist for these super simple but enticing designs.

All six of the designs can be formed by using a wine glass as a cookie cutter. By the time you’re finished, your cookies will be the kind that’s almost just too pretty to eat!

The first design transforms your cookies into the likeness of Frosty the Snowman. Cover the cookie with white frosting, paint on the eyes and mouth, draw the orange carrot nose, and you’re golden.

The second is the Gingerbread Man, and it’s a similar concept to the snowman. But this time, your cookie will be slathered in brown frosting.

Draw on two black dots for the eyes, the smile, and a white squiggly line across the top of the head.

Then, there’s the Santa Suit, with the cookie covered in–you guessed it–red frosting. Use black frosting to give it a rectangle belt and buttons down the front. Maddie uses yellow frosting to draw on the belt buckle.

Next up, we have the penguin. Fill the side edges of the cookie with black frosting while the entire middle is white, the first steps toward making a delightful penguin face.

Give it a little red hat and a yellow triangle beak in the center of the cookie. Don’t forget the two circles for the eyes!

The fifth design is a Christmas ornament.

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