She Has A Wild Story About How Her Boyfriend Stole Her Car And Then Broke Up With Her After He Gave It Back

TikTok - @hannawohhh

This is a wild story that involves car theft, alcohol, and poop. TikTok user @hannawohhh revealed on the social media app that her boyfriend took her car to go drinking, got wasted, and returned it the following day with a certain smelly something smeared across the seats.

The story starts one Saturday evening after a long day of drinking. She decided to take a nap, and while she was fast asleep, her boyfriend stole her car keys and headed to a local bar where he downed several drinks.

Instead of responsibly calling for a ride after consuming a large amount of alcohol, he got behind the wheel and attempted to drive himself back to her apartment. But he was stopped along the way.

“In the process of doing so, he gets pulled over by a cop and somehow talks his way out of getting a DUI,” she said.

When he returned to her apartment, she was still in slumberland, so he proceeded to cry hysterically to her roommate. In the morning, after hearing about last night’s events, she thought it was best to take him home.

However, when she opened the car door, she was met with a crappy surprise. There was brown stuff all over the seats, which she determined to be poop after catching a whiff of the stench.

So she asked her boyfriend if he perhaps went number two in his pants out of fear as he was getting pulled over by the police.

She didn’t get a straight answer, though, because he denied everything. Anyway, there was still the matter of getting him home, for which @hannawohhh had to make a sacrifice.

She put a paper towel over the dirty seat and was ‘sitting on top of s***’ all to drive her boyfriend back to his place.

Immediately after dropping him off, she went to a car wash, where she had to tell the employee, with much embarrassment, that there was poop in the front and back seats of her car.

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