She Told Her Boyfriend Months Ago That While Her Business Takes Off During The Holiday Months, She Cannot Do Any Household Chores, And He Wrote Her Off, But Now That She Is Really Busy, Her Boyfriend Is Shocked And Calling Her Lazy

Her boyfriend apparently underestimated just how busy she would get, though, because he made a remark about “doubting” that she truly worked that much. Then, he said he “would see.”

In turn, she dropped the topic at the time. But come September and October, she made sure to reiterate just how busy she was about to get and how she would not be able to do much around the house.

In fact, she even prepped meals in advance to make sure she was ready for the chaotic holiday season. After bringing up her schedule and the chores again, though, she felt that her boyfriend kind of dismissed her.

So, by the time November rolled around, and the couple got a few weeks in, she became swamped and was forced to let go of some of her responsibilities at home. For whatever reason, though, her boyfriend got seriously pissed off and pretended to be shocked at what was going on.

He even revealed that he thought she wasn’t being serious after she brought up her holiday business boom earlier this year and claimed that there was “no way” he would do one hundred percent of the chores since he also works.

And in an effort to avoid a further argument, she told her boyfriend, “fine,” and said he should just ignore her chores.

“They can wait until I have time. That’s how it was when I lived alone anyway. I don’t make much mess anyway,” she told him.

Her boyfriend did drop the topic at that point, even though he clearly was not happy about it. And with the Christmas season now ramping up, she and her boyfriend have not seen each other that much since she is constantly working.

Despite her literally just being busy with her business, though, her boyfriend has become increasingly pissed off at her lack of contribution around the house. And this past weekend, he completely blew up on her.

First, her boyfriend claimed that she needed to “grow up” and figure out a better work-life balance because her house was a mess.

But, she pointed out how if the house was truly a mess, it was his fault– because she had barely left her office in weeks.

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