She Told Her Family That She Really Can’t Afford To Attend Christmas This Year If They Expect Her To Help Pay For The Food, And They’re All Angry At Her While She’s Just Left Feeling Sad

stacestock - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 20-year-old girl has forever spent Christmas at her mom and dad’s house, but last year, everything was different.

You see, a year ago marked the very first time that her brother and his wife got to host Christmas at their place, and it was pretty stressful for the couple.

She does have dietary restrictions, and her brother and his wife really struggled to get stuff together that she could eat.

Also, back then, she did not live in the same city that her family does, so she was not able to help at all with any Christmas preparations.

She has since moved to the same city as them, and she is able to help out this Christmas with everything needed to pull it off.

“Since I’m a student, the money is tight, but my brother and SIL earn extremely well even compared to our parents,” she explained.

“When we spent Christmas with our parents, we didn’t have to contribute financially towards the feast, but this year the cost is shared by our parents and them. As I can’t afford it, my compensation is the organization and cooking the feast as none of them enjoy such things. This is not a small task since I’ll have to start the preparations days before Christmas and do everything on my own.”

“However, since I’m not the one paying for the meal, I shared my plans weeks ago with all of them, and they have agreed on the menu. A couple of days ago, I sat down and calculated how much all of this would cost and sent the info to my family. This did not go down well with my brother.”

Her brother is honestly pretty cheap, which doesn’t bother her, but when it comes down to what they’re eating for Christmas, it’s the same price that it is every single year, and it’s not exactly extravagant.

stacestock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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