She Told Her In-Laws To Stop Referring To Her As “Mama” Instead Of Her Real Name Because It Felt Like They Were Erasing Her Personal Identity, But Her Husband’s Sisters Ended Up Attacking Her Over It

nyul - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband currently have two daughters together– who are four and two years old.

Even though she is now obviously a parent, though, she hates that everyone– especially her in-laws– acts like being a “mommy” is her only personality trait.

And, of course, her husband never has to deal with the same treatment. Every holiday, he gets presents that actually reflect his interests and hobbies.

“Me? I get a bunch of mommy stuff. ‘Tee hee, mommy needs wine!'” she vented.

“I don’t get to be my own person. I’m just mommy.”

And one of the “mom gifts” that piss her off the most is those matching outfits. Don’t get me wrong: she thinks that a pair of cutesy matching pajamas to wear during Christmas photos for Instagram is one thing. But apparently, she constantly gets gifted real matching outfits to wear out of the house.

“People actually think I am going to go out in public wearing some cutesy matching outfits with my toddlers. As though I think they’re mini versions of myself? Or dolls?” she scoffed.

By far, though, the most irritating part about being branded with this “mommy persona” is never being called by her own name anymore.

In fact, every single time she goes over to her in-law’s house, she is referred to as “mama” during each interaction.

nyul – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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