She Works In A Care Home From The 19th Century, And Here Are Some Of The Creepy Things She Has Experienced

Kenstocker - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Can you imagine being interviewed for a job at a care home and being told that the building is haunted during the interview?

That’s what happened to one woman who accepted the job as a caretaker for multiple residents in a supposedly haunted home from the 19th century.

“Most of our residents are receiving palliative care, and unfortunately, the inevitable happens,” she explained. “Residents pass pretty frequently, so it makes sense that a building like this would be haunted.”

Despite the notion that the place was haunted, she accepted the job. She soon learned that one of the scariest and sketchiest spots in the building is the cellar, where all of their protective gear and equipment is located.

She tried to avoid the cellar as much as possible but was forced to go down there while working a night shift.

She describes the cellar as damp, cold, and “horribly quiet.” While she was looking for the equipment, she heard some strange noises.

She grabbed what she needed and ran out of there as soon as possible. When she told a coworker about this experience, they weren’t surprised, as everyone who had been down there agreed it had a spooky vibe to it.

The cellar also has some dark history. In the building’s earlier years, there was a tunnel in the cellar that connected to a church down the road.

During those days, employees would use the tunnels to transport departed bodies from the care facility to the church.

Kenstocker – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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