She’s 16 And Thinking Of Moving In With Her Mom’s Now Ex-Boyfriend Because He’s Been A Better Parent To Her Than Her Own Mom

Svetlana - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 16-year-old girl has a 40-year-old mom who never picked out great boyfriends when she was younger. Some of them mistreated her, and some of them acted as if they could barely tolerate her.

Her mom’s problems with guys have even resulted in her having what she refers to as “a lot of issues” at this point in her life.

A couple of years ago, though, her mom met 35-year-old Jake, and everything changed for the better.

Jake was nothing but wonderful to her and her younger brother from the start, and he instantly began treating them both like they were children of his own.

When she turned 11, Jake put a lot of effort into putting together a lovely birthday party for her, and it was the first time in her life that someone did that for her.

“It was just me and him and my younger brother because my mom was out of town, and he bought us pizza, a cake, he bought me a brand new sundress and took me to get my nails done,” she explained.

“When I couldn’t sleep at night due to past issues, he would make the best hot chocolate, and we would watch would tell me about his job until I got sleepy. When the dog chewed up my old stuffed animal to a point beyond repair, and I was heartbroken, he took me to one of his friend’s houses, and she had made me a new one that looked similar and wasn’t stuffed, and they had me stuff the remaining bits of my old one into it, and I still sleep with it every night.”

“He got my ears checked, and I got hearing aids after an incident with my mom’s boyfriend before him. Took me to therapy and doctors appointments, father-daughter dances, helped me with my homework, and made me want to be an engineer like him.”

Well, her mom sadly dumped Jake not that long ago, and her mom didn’t stop to consider how difficult the breakup would be for her and her little brother.

Svetlana – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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