She’s Pregnant And Went To Her Sister-In-Law’s Birthday Dinner In A Comfortable Sweatshirt And Track Pants Because She Was Not Feeling Well, And Her Mother-In-Law Called Her Out For Not Trying To Look Nice 

Recently, though, her sister-in-law turned sixteen-years-old. And even though her sister-in-law had a huge party already, her husband still wanted to celebrate his little sister’s birthday as a family. So, he organized a little extra celebration and her pregnancy kind of caused some problems at the event.

First of all, her family had all initially planned to meet at a restaurant for a birthday dinner. Shortly before, though, she started to get really nauseous, had some bad stomach pains, and actually ended up getting sick all over herself.

So, she took a bath to clean up, and her husband ultimately moved the dinner to their house to make it easier for her to attend.

Now, she does admit that her husband did all of the cooking and cleaning for the dinner.

“But I’ve just given birth, and I’m pregnant. I don’t want anyone in my home,” she admitted.

Nonetheless, her husband still insisted that she go downstairs to eat with her in-laws. So, she obliged and went down in her comfy clothes.

After all, she was not feeling good, she was in her own house, and she could not even look at her other clothes without feeling like a whale.

As soon as she got to the dinner table, though, her mother-in-law felt the need to make a snarky remark.

In fact, her mother-in-law claimed that it would have been nice of her to dress up– especially since her sister-in-law invited some friends over. Plus, she was told that she “looked sick.”

Well, according to her, she actually had no idea that anyone besides family members was going to be there.

On top of that, she did not even want to be there since she felt terrible. So, she ended up kind of having an outburst and raising her voice at her mother-in-law.

“You try being pregnant for a year! I am freaking exhausted; I’m in pain,” she said.

Then, her mother-in-law went silent, and the rest of the dinner was apparently crazy awkward. Surprisingly, though, her husband did not even take her side.

Instead, he claimed that she did have “nice” pregnancy clothes and that she could have just asked for a plate to be brought upstairs rather than cause a scene at the dinner table.

He also claimed to have changed the dinner location to their house so that way she could still attend and look nice without being “overly dressed.”

So, he is upset that she had an outburst rather than just explaining to her mother-in-law how she was not feeling well.

And now, despite feeling like her choice to dress comfy was entirely reasonable, she has been left wondering whether going downstairs for her sister-in-law’s dinner in comfortable clothes– specifically a sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms– was actually a jerky thing to do or not.

Should it matter how you are dressed in front of family members when everyone knows you don’t feel well? What about the fact that she is pregnant and in her own house? Why do you think her mother-in-law felt the need to make those comments? If you had been in her shoes, how would you have handled this situation? 

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