This 17-Year-Old Girl’s Dad Expects Her To Get Rid Of Her Dog So His Fiancée And Her Son Can Move In With Them

Ben also gets super upset easily and has meltdowns if things change in his environment.

“He’s also really scared of Tycho even though, as far as I know, Tycho has never done anything to scare him; he’s a really laid-back and well-behaved dog,” she said.

“Dad and Melanie recently got engaged, and they want to go ahead and move her and Ben in so that they can get rid of their apartment and save money. My dad told me about it and said that since Ben is afraid of Tycho and needs a stable environment at home, Tycho is going to have to go somewhere else.”

“My mom’s townhouse doesn’t have room for him, and my grandparents aren’t in good enough health to look after a big dog, so we would have to rehome him.”

Well, this conversation did not go well with her dad at all, and she got into an enormous disagreement with him.

She let her dad know that she would never give Tycho up under any circumstances, and since she’s going to be attending college next year, Melanie and Ben should not move in until she moves out with Tycho.

“My dad says they need to do the move over the holidays, and Ben is more important than a dog,” she continued.

“I told him if he gives away my dog, I’ll never forgive him and that he obviously thinks Ben is more important than me, too.”

Her dad is furious with her for making him pick between her or Melanie, and as for Melanie, she’s getting cold feet about being engaged to her dad because Melanie feels she does not want them to move in.

Her mom is livid with her dad, and now they are arguing too. She’s scared to leave Tycho at her house because she’s terrified her dad will get rid of him when she’s not home.

Her aunt is also involved in this mess, and her aunt thinks she’s being a baby and needs to do whatever it takes to make her dad happy, even if it means getting rid of Tycho.

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