Her Daughter Chose Not To Invite Her Step-Cousin To A Christmas Party, And Now Her Sister-In-Law Is Accusing Her Of Teaching Her Daughter To Be A Bully

Zoja - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For the last two years, this woman’s ten-year-old daughter, named Mia, has hosted a Christmas party with friends.

And honestly, the party has always worked out perfectly– specifically because it is held on the same evening that she holds an adult Christmas party with her friends.

So, everyone is occupied, and it is a great time– which is why she and Mia are making the same arrangement for this holiday season.

And this year, Mia’s party theme is something many little girls dream about. First, the tweens are going to have a pamper spa-like day.

Then, the girls will get to eat at a themed “dinner party.” And finally, they will finish off the evening with a movie night sleepover.

A couple of weeks ago, though, Mia asked her a question about the guest list that ended up causing a lot of drama. Apparently, her daughter asked if they had to invite Mia’s step-cousin, Georgia.

Now, Georgia is also ten years old and has known Mia ever since they were about three or four. And when they were young, they loved playing and hanging out together.

“But when they got older, not so much,” she revealed.

According to her, Georgia always wanted to play with Mia more than the other way around– mainly because Mia grew out of playing “active games” at a pretty young age.

Zoja – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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