A Guy She Met On A Dating App Asked Her Out On A Second Date, But Made Her Pay For Everything, Leaving Her In Tears

Vasyl - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 24-year-old woman met a 27-year-old guy on a dating app, and they decided to take things off the app and start texting one another.

When they moved their conversation over to text, she thought he seemed great. So, when he asked her to grab food with him for a first date, she agreed.

After she said yes to their first date, he wanted to know if she expected a guy to always pay on a date.

She honestly does expect a guy to pay since she knows her “worth.” She brushed off his text and chose not to reply to him while moving on and checking out other guys on the dating app.

This guy managed to find her social media profile and reached out to her there, asking if he really could take her for dinner one night soon.

She again said yes to him, and off they went for date number one. She thought the date went just alright, and this guy bemoaned the menu pricing while they were out together.

At the end of the evening, she did kiss him, although things weren’t that special, and he immediately asked if he could take her out for a second date.

She was up for date two and mentioned a restaurant located near her place, as she doesn’t have a car, so she can’t drive to meet him.

“Again, I spent hours getting ready, blew off a project I was doing for work, bought a new dress, and put on uncomfortable heels,” she explained.

Vasyl – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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