He Encouraged His Girlfriend To Seek Child Support From The Father Of Her Baby, But Now The Father Has Accused Him And His Girlfriend Of Ruining An Engagement

therabbithole - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While this man was scrolling on Tinder, he ended up meeting his girlfriend. Now, they were never “exclusive” from the beginning.

But, he claims that they got along great, and he really thought they had a shot at sharing a future together.

Then, his girlfriend got pregnant. Honestly, though, both of them were pretty excited to start a family.

Well, that was until the baby was actually born, and it became glaringly obvious that the baby was not his. So, he decided not to sign as the child’s “father” on the birth certificate.

However, he also decided not to break up with her. The one thing he did make clear about their relationship, though, was that he would be in no way financially responsible for his girlfriend’s baby.

Anyway, they had both planned for his girlfriend to take a year off of work in order to spend time with the child. In fact, she had already taken her maternity leave.

But, shortly afterward, he told his girlfriend that she needed to go after the father of the baby in order to receive child support.

Surprisingly, though, his girlfriend just was not interested in doing that because she claimed that she and the father of her baby were “friends.”

Now, he reportedly said he understood that. However, he pointed out how his girlfriend would essentially be boxing herself into a corner– forced to take over all of the financial responsibilities by herself.

therabbithole – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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