Her Boyfriend Clearly Hates Her Dog, So She’s Trying To Decide If She Should Keep Her Dog Or Break Up With Her Boyfriend

prystai - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This 24-year-old girl has a 35-year-old boyfriend whom she decided to move in with a bit more than a year ago.

Prior to living with her boyfriend, she did live by herself, which made her pretty lonely, so she got herself a dog.

She spent a lot of time researching the best dog for her, and then she picked out the dog that she has now.

Just a month after bringing her dog home, her boyfriend came into her life. Initially, her boyfriend had no problem with her dog.

But then, her lease was about to expire, and they had a conversation about living with one another, which she did agree to do.

“That’s when everything started to go downhill,” she explained. “When I got the dog, I decided that he would be my buddy and go with me everywhere I wanted him to even sleep in bed with me.”

“In the beginning, I started to crate train him, which was only supposed to be at night. Now it’s become the dog is not allowed outside of the kennel unless he’s going straight outside; now I got a dog as a companion, not as a prisoner.”

“My boyfriend suffers from severe OCD, and the breed of dog we have happens to be a golden retriever, and they notoriously shed a lot, which can be manageable with proper cleaning and care now; when I tell you, we do this, we do.”

Her boyfriend doesn’t still doesn’t allow her dog to come out of his kennel at all because of the shedding.

prystai – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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