Her Cousin Just Got Engaged And Expected Her To Fork Over Their Grandma’s Engagement Ring, But She Fully Intends To Keep It For Herself

Levon - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual ring

This 22-year-old girl has a cousin the same age as her named Becky. Well, for New Year’s this year, Becky got engaged.

Back when Becky’s new fiancé asked her uncle (who is Becky’s dad) if he could propose to her, her uncle mentioned that he could propose to Becky with an engagement ring that belonged to their grandma.

Sadly, their grandma passed away when she and Becky were only 3. But anyway, her uncle offered up grandma’s ring because he believed it was in his possession.

“The ring had already passed through 2 generations to get to my grandmother, so he wanted to continue the tradition,” she explained.

“The ring wasn’t willed to anyone, nor did she verbally say who she wanted the rings to go to (as far as I’m aware), but my uncle thought that he had it because he was the oldest brother.”

Her dad actually has their grandma’s engagement ring and also her wedding band. After her grandma had passed away and her family had cleaned out her apartment, her dad just ended up with both of the rings.

During the pandemic, she and her family sat down to go through her grandma’s things again with the intention of moving some stuff on to charity shops, and they rediscovered grandma’s rings tucked away in her family’s attic.

When they came across the rings, she questioned her dad about getting to have her grandma’s engagement ring, and he said yes.

Her grandma’s engagement ring is pretty stunning; it has an emerald and a diamond.

Levon – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual ring

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