Her Teacher Mom Called Out Her High School Date In Front Of The Whole Class For Not Kissing Her

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Parents are embarrassing; there’s no doubt about it. For example, when your mom tries to hug you in front of your friends after dropping off your lunch at school, you just can’t help but squirm away.

Or when parents try but fail to look cool by keeping up with the latest trends. It’s so cringe-worthy.

A 22-year-old named Sarah Routt (@sarahroutt121) hopped on TikTok to share how her mom embarrassed her by calling out her high school date in front of an entire classroom of students for not kissing her. Sarah’s mom was a teacher who worked at the high school she attended.

During Sarah’s senior year, a boy named Chris on the soccer team asked her to the homecoming dance.

They had a fun time, but she found out later that Chris and his friends had made a bet to see who would kiss their dates.

He did not end up kissing her, but he did ask her out on a second date. However, he planned for them to go ice skating, which is not Sarah’s strong suit.

“I hate ice skating with my entire being. Literally hate it so much,” exclaimed Sarah.

The date went badly since Sarah felt so uncomfortable with ice skating. So their first kiss didn’t happen, and Sarah went home and told her mom all about it, thinking she could confide in her.

But the next day, her mom singled Chris out in the classroom and questioned him about why he hadn’t kissed her daughter yet.

Helistockter – – illustrative purposes only

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