Her Teacher Mom Called Out Her High School Date In Front Of The Whole Class For Not Kissing Her

Sarah was someone who flew under the radar in high school, but after her mom’s confrontation, her popularity skyrocketed.

“All of a sudden, my phone was blowing up! People were like, oh my gosh, are you and Chris a thing? Have you guys hung out all the time?” said Sarah.

So thanks to her mom embarrassing her, Sarah earned popularity points at school. Maybe mixing moms and school isn’t all bad!

Some TikTok users discussed their experiences with their moms and school.

“My mom made me instantly unpopular in high school,” lamented one user.

“My mom was known as the hot computer lady at one of the elementary schools,” commented another.

“Guys in my school mistake my mother for my older sister, and they were always asking for her number, so in other words, yeah, she kinda did make me popular…” declared a third.


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