Here Are 5 Of The Cutest Power Couples In The NFL Right Now

Alena - - illustrative purposes only

It’s no secret that everyone loves a steamy NFL player who is single and ready to mingle. But it is almost even more endearing– and definitely more heartwarming– when a professional athlete is in a loving, committed relationship.

I mean, having your partner travel with you, cheer you on at the sidelines of every game, and be there for all of the highs and lows? Total goals. And these five relationships are arguably some of the most adorable power couples in the NFL right now.

1. Joe Burrow & Olivia Holzmacher

Joe and Olivia’s relationship started out of young love. They first met while attending Ohio State University back in 2015, and after getting to know each other, they began dating in 2017.

Even after Joe later transferred to Louisiana State University (LSU)– where the quarterback won the 2020 National Championship– the pair’s relationship stayed strong. And ever since then, the dynamic duo has remained a power couple.

Sure, both Joe and Olivia are pretty private about their relationship on social media. But when it matters, Olivia is always by Joe’s side. She was there when he won the Heisman Trophy in 2020 and continues to regularly attend and cheer on her beau at Cincinnati Bengals games.

Now, 25-year-old Joe will be leading the charge against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, December 4, in hopes of securing a spot in the playoffs.

2. Patrick Mahomes & Brittany Matthews

Patrick is arguably the best quarterback in the NFL right now and already has one Super Bowl win under his belt. But back when he was still playing for his high school team in Whitehouse, Texas, Patrick fell in love with Brittany and even asked her to prom.

Alena – – illustrative purposes only

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