He’s Been Seeing A Girl Who Ended Up Kissing Another Guy At A Party On New Year’s Eve

puhhha - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 19-year-old guy has been seeing a girl the same age as him since last October, and they really have made a pretty instant connection.

They share the same sense of humor, and they also share the same worldview as well, so it’s easy to see why they get along so well.

Throughout the past couple of months that they have been together, they have hung out a lot. They also have been intimate and have met one another’s families too, so this is pretty serious.

“Only thing is we never made it official that we’re together, but everyone you know knew about it,” he explained.

“Come New Year’s Eve, and I wasn’t able to be at the same party as her, but sent her a message telling her that she should take care, have a good time and call me if there’s anything.”

“She replied with the same, of course, so the mood was good. Come the next day, she sends me a long message telling me that she kissed another guy, but it wasn’t on purpose as she was just too drunk to deal with the situation at the time.”

“Once she realized, she pulled back out and ran off crying. She’s been crying her eyes out for these past days, telling me how much she regrets it, and has apologized more times than I could remember. Telling me that I have been nothing but pure good to her.”

He is aware that this incident isn’t a huge deal, but it’s bothering him because of something that has happened in his past.

Less than 2 years ago, he was seeing a different girl who went to a party and hooked up with another guy.

puhhha – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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