His Girlfriend Keeps A Stuffed Animal On Her Bed That Her Ex Got Her, And It’s Making Him Upset

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A 22-year-old guy has been dating his girlfriend for a couple of months, and he’s already completely in love with her.

The biggest challenge in their relationship is that they live pretty far apart from one another, so they don’t get to spend a lot of time together, though they do talk every single day.

Now, prior to him meeting his girlfriend, he’s had a pretty terrible track record with his previous girlfriends.

They’ve all done some mean things to him that have left him feeling doubtful and insecure in new relationships, and that’s how he’s feeling with his current girlfriend.

Recently, he had a disagreement with his girlfriend about something she’s keeping from an ex, and that’s only making his feelings of insecurity even worse than they already are.

While on the phone with his girlfriend the other day, he ended up asking her if she still had any things that her ex had gotten for her.

At first, his girlfriend was quiet, but then she owned up to having a stuffed dog on her bed that her ex had gifted her.

If his girlfriend had kept jewelry or clothing from her ex, he wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but he considers a stuffed animal to be far more personal than those kinds of things.

“The only thing I could think about was that she was hugging and sleeping with something she had gotten from him,” he explained.

shoot4pleasure10 – – illustrative purposes only

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