She Is Refusing To Drop Her Ex-Husband’s Last Name Because It Is A Hassle To Change It On All Of Her Important Documents, But Her Ex Thinks It Is Just Plain Weird

Just recently, though, Tony ended up getting engaged to his new partner, and they are set to get married in the next twelve months.

Around the same time, one of her and Tony’s sons decided to go on a family vacation. Plus, her son invited her to go along.

The only problem, though, was that her son needed her ID in order to make some reservations– meaning that he definitely saw her last name had not been changed.

So, when she, Tony, and Tony’s fiancé were at their grandson’s party a few days later, her son brought it up.

More specifically, while in a conversation circle, he jokingly mentioned how he could not believe that she still had not changed her last name.

Now, she thought it was kind of funny, too, and she honestly just laughed. Then, she explained how she was just too lazy to rush out and change everything that had Tony’s last name on it.

Tony, on the other hand, did not find it that funny. Instead, he started questioning her about if that was really true.

Tony also claimed that his being engaged to someone else was not the best time to do a name change and apparently insisted that it was really weird of her to hold onto the surname.

Quite frankly, though, she did not care about how “weird” it seemed and basically just told Tony it was not worth the time and money.

“Unless you can go in my place, spend hours and hours in lines, and pay hundreds for it, I won’t do it in the near future,” she told him.

Anyway, after that, she and Tony just dropped the topic, and the rest of the party went very smoothly.

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