She Just Learned That Her Boyfriend Had A Fling With His Brother’s Current Fiancée, And She’s Really Upset

Gabi Moisa -

A 26-year-old woman has been seeing her boyfriend, who is the same age as her, for the last 7 months now, but they have been chatting with one another for a total of 2 years before they started dating.

Her boyfriend has a brother that’s one year older than him, and her boyfriend is extremely close to his brother.

Her boyfriend spends time with his brother every single weekend, and her boyfriend constantly spends time at his brother’s place.

“Recently, his brother’s fiancée (27F) reached out to me in hopes of us being close friends,” she explained.

“At first, I was all for it! However, during our first night out together, she told me that she and my boyfriend (slept together) about six years ago.”

“I was in shock! She proceeded to say that it was only a short fling, and a few months later, she started dating his brother.”

Well, her boyfriend’s brother was fully aware of the fact that his fiancée had a thing with his brother prior to even dating this girl, but he decided to date this girl anyway.

She’s wildly upset that nobody ever chose to share this key bit of information with her, and she feels really uncomfortable.

“The situation is super awkward for me, honestly,” she said. “They all see each other often and spend time together because his brother and fiancée live together, and my BF often visits.”

Gabi Moisa –

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