She Told Her Sister’s New Boyfriend That Her Sister Has Always Been A Serial Cheater, And She Can’t Help But Feel Like She Stabbed Her Sister In The Back

puhhha - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 34-year-old woman has a younger sister who is 28, and unfortunately, her sister has pretty much always been a serial cheater because her sister has ended up cheating on every single boyfriend that she has ever had.

Currently, her sister has a new boyfriend that she has been with for a bit more than 1 year, and this guy is a catch.

Her sister’s boyfriend is considerate and a great guy, and she’s seriously concerned that her sister is going to mess up and break his heart.

She has pushed her sister to tell her boyfriend about her checkered history, but her sister refused and claimed that she won’t end up cheating this time and that she should leave her past in her past.

Still feeling that her sister owed it to her boyfriend to inform him of her cheating ways, she took matters into her own hands.

“A couple nights ago, I popped ’round my sister’s; she wasn’t home just yet because she was still at work which is why I went there, because I knew her boyfriend would be there, and I wanted a word with him,” she explained.

“I asked him if my sister told him about her cheating past and he said no. I then discussed it with him as a warning.”

“Later that night, when I was back home, I got a call from my sister, angry that I’d told her boyfriend about her past. I told her he needed to know the type of person he was involved with, and she wasn’t going to say anything to him, so I felt I had to; after getting to know him for over a year, I felt I owed him that, and he deserved to know.”

Her sister’s boyfriend didn’t dump her sister, and it appears to her that her being honest with her sister’s boyfriend hasn’t impacted her sister’s relationship in a negative way.

puhhha – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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