She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Shockingly Told Her That She Needed To Lose Weight In Order For Him To Be Seriously Interested

Nomad_Soul - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Some guys shouldn’t even be allowed to date, and that’s a fact. You know, those guys often don’t take no for an answer, they’re notorious players, or they brutally insult you straight to your face.

Jules (@julez1890) on TikTok has a bad dating story to share where the guy she was with told her that she needed to lose weight to keep him.

Jules is originally from Denver, Colorado, and at the time this occurred, she was at a bar in the downtown Denver area.

She ordered a whiskey and Coke while her date opted for a vodka and tonic, which Jules thought was a poor choice.

They discussed all the standard dating topics – careers, dreams, and aspirations. It wasn’t until the end of the date that did it for Jules.

This is what he said to her:

“You know what, Jules, you’re really great, but you probably have to lose like ten or fifteen pounds if I were to be in a relationship with you.”

Then, he critiqued her drink order and health choices by telling her that Coke has too much sugar in it.

Before they departed, he made a stop at the restroom, and while he was preoccupied, Jules took a shot of one of the most expensive whiskies there and left.

Nomad_Soul – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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