While She And Her Friends Were Skinny Dipping, A Stranger Was Hiding In The Woods Watching Them And This Person Even Creepily Stole Her Friends’ Underwear

Finmiki - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual hot tub

There are so people out there who have a funny skinny-dipping story. Sometimes when you’re having a fun time with a group of people and near a body of water, it’s just too tempting to ditch your clothes and go for a swim.

As fun as skinny-dipping sometimes seems, would you ever consider skinny-dipping in a hot tub? What if that hot tub is in the middle of the woods?

One woman and her friends decided to drunkenly skinny-dip in a hot tub in one of their backyards, but their fun was cut short when they noticed something or someone was watching from afar.

She and her friends Sarah and Mary were at their pal Nick’s house to celebrate his birthday. After drinking a couple of beers throughout the night, they felt silly and thought it would be funny to sit in Nick’s hot tub naked.

“Now for context, Nick’s house was by a forest and was very isolated from neighbors,” she points out. ”

Adding to that, it was maybe past midnight, and anything past the Christmas lights of dubious quality that were spread around, the yard was basically pitch black.”

The hot tub was close to the edge of the woods, and although the atmosphere was a little creepy, they decided to strip down and hop in the tub anyway.

For about half an hour, they had a great time. The group was swapping stories and telling jokes until they heard a loud shriek emerge from the forest.

Mary used the flashlight on her phone to see if they could see anyone in the woods. They couldn’t see anything until the light shined behind Sarah. She remembers seeing a “pair of eyes and a white form in the distance.”

Finmiki – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual hot tub

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