A Guy That She Was Seeing Gifted Her An Expensive Pair Of Earrings, But After She Broke Things Off With Him, He Demanded That She Give The Earrings Back And She Has No Intention Of Doing This

bondvit - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

About 3 months ago, this woman met a guy named Bob through a dating app, and she began hooking up with him.

From the beginning, she made sure that Bob knew that she was not trying to find a serious or committed relationship; she just wanted to have some fun.

She did enjoy spending time with Bob, and she mentioned that she was interested in pursuing a friends-with-benefits situation with him or that she was also happy to be simply friends with him too.

Bob reassured her that he was fine with either of those options, so she kept seeing him. During the next couple of weeks following that conversation, Bob bought her tons of lavish gifts and even revealed that he was super attracted to her.

She never once asked Bob to buy her all of these presents, and she still made sure that Bob knew she wasn’t invested in him or any kind of relationship with him.

One of the gifts that Bob gave to her was a very expensive pair of earrings, which has become one of her favorite things since then.

“Bob started acting a bit obsessed and was demanding I text him every day and return to him the amount of affection he was giving me,” she explained.

“Something I’d made clear I didn’t want. It is at this point I decided to break ties with him. I said that he clearly wanted more from me than I wanted to give him and that I wasn’t going to change my mind on that, no matter what he said.”

“Later, we ran into each other at a play I was attending, and this is when he asked for the earrings back. He told me he’d spent a lot of money on them and wanted them back to give them to someone who would actually return the favor.”

bondvit – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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