A Guy That She Was Seeing Gifted Her An Expensive Pair Of Earrings, But After She Broke Things Off With Him, He Demanded That She Give The Earrings Back And She Has No Intention Of Doing This

She refused to hand the earrings over to Bob, and she pointed out that she liked them a lot before stating that they had been a gift, so he didn’t have a right to ask for them back.

Bob became furious with her before accusing her of being a liar. Bob also claimed that she “led him on” and never did anything for him, even though he bent over backward for her.

Bob continued to say she just used him for the nice things he got for her, and she’s awful.

Prior to Bob freaking out on her, she figured it was alright to keep the earrings, but now she’s not sure if she should give them back.

What do you think; should she return the earrings to Bob?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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