After This Teen Boy Was Approached Again By A Classmate Who Kept Stalking Him, He Called Her Creepy And Threw Her Cupcake Gift In The Trash 

So, as soon as he saw the girl coming near him, he immediately became angry that she was approaching him again. Then, he decided to tell the girl that he did not want the gift and to just leave him alone.

The girl did not listen, though, and reportedly just kept mumbling “sorry” while still trying to force the box of cupcakes into his hands.

And at that point, he decided to stop resisting and let the girl hand him the cupcakes.

Then, once she finally backed up, he called her creepy before walking over to the nearest garbage can, shaking the box of cupcakes empty into the bin, and throwing the box inside, too.

Now, this immediately pushed the girl to start crying before she ran away. His friends watched the whole thing unfold, too.

“My friends were half laughing at the situation and half calling me a savage and heartless,” he recalled.

One friend in particular, though, did not find the whole ordeal that funny. Instead, his friend actually texted him later on and told him that his reaction was both uncalled for and extremely cruel.

So now, even though weeks have passed since he last confronted the girl, he has been left wondering whether throwing her present in the trash and calling her creepy was really a mean thing to do.

Do you think the girl’s actions are actually “flattering,” or does he have a right to be creeped out? Why do you think neither the dean nor his parents took his concerns seriously? Did he handle the cupcake situation appropriately? If you had been in his shoes, would you have reacted differently? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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