All Of A Sudden, His Fiancée Has Started Acting In A Way That’s Raising Some Serious Red Flags For Him

meghann - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 29-year-old guy is currently engaged to a woman who is a year younger than him, and they have been in a relationship for 5 years now.

Last year was a big year for them, as he proposed to her, and they also purchased a home. Everything was smooth sailing, according to him, but since 2023 has started, he thinks it’s all been pretty downhill.

Lately, his fiancée has started acting in a way that’s raising some serious red flags for him, starting with how invested she is in how one of her friends has a boyfriend who buys her whatever she wants.

This friend of his fiancée’s gets very pricey designer bags, and his fiancée keeps talking about how she would like them too.

“The way she’s wording it though and voicing it feels like she’s saying “why don’t you buy me things like that,” he explained.

“I’ve asked her why she brings it up all the time and acts disappointed, and she said because she’d like them.”

“I’ve said, well, you’re not going to get that from me because we have a lot more to pay for and saving up for a wedding next year. She’s mentioned it at least every week since the start of the year, and my response is always the same.”

This is not the only red flag that his fiancée has been throwing up, though. She recently joined a group on social media for brides, and his fiancée is obsessed with how large the diamonds are on everyone else’s engagement rings.

Clearely, his fiancée doesn’t think that her ring is big enough, but he got her a .08 carat halo, which comes out to a total carat weight of 1.

meghann – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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