He Did His Best To Pick Out Meaningful Valentine’s Day Presents For His Girlfriend, But She’s Upset That He Didn’t Spend $600 On The Perfume That She Wanted

georgerudy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 32-year-old guy is currently dating a woman the same age as him, and they have been together for 7 months.

For Valentine’s Day, he picked out some thoughtful presents for her based on the fact that they have both gotten more into fitness and being healthy.

He got his girlfriend a monthly membership to a yoga studio, a massage gun, and a yoga mat/block set.

“She had expressed interest in trying yoga and had been having issues with muscle soreness,” he explained.

“She got me a new insulated water bottle and some candy. When she opened her present, I could tell she wasn’t super thrilled but didn’t say anything in the morning.”

“After I picked her up from work, she admitted she was disappointed in my gift and had been expecting me to get her the perfume she had hinted at a month ago. Keep in mind this perfume she hinted at one time was $600 a bottle, which was way outside of my gift budget for Valentine’s Day.”

Now, he is a full-time student, and he does have a job making decent money, but the money that he makes goes back into paying for his education.

He did point out to his girlfriend that he didn’t have the money to purchase such a pricey gift for her, especially since he spent a lot on her for Christmas.

Unfortunately, his girlfriend didn’t accept that as an answer and told him to stop talking about it before she got angry.

georgerudy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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