Her Brother’s Girlfriend Called Her Out For Not Having Any Vegan Options At Her Engagement Dinner, So She Snapped Back And Got Accused Of Embarrassing Her 

Plus, ever since the dinner, her brother has not stopped messaging her and telling her that she needed to apologize since she embarrassed his girlfriend in front of everybody.

Her mom even took her brother’s side, too, and claimed that she needed to be the bigger person and apologize in order to “keep the peace.”

So now, she has been left wondering whether making her brother’s vegan girlfriend feel “alienated” at her engagement dinner really makes her a real jerk or not.

Was it her responsibility to magically know her brother’s girlfriend was vegan or was it her brother’s responsibility to inform her beforehand? Why do you think the girlfriend was so rude to both her and the waiter? Did she have a right to stand her ground at her own engagement dinner? If you had been in her shoes, how would you have handled this situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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