Her Daughter Freaked Out On Her For Not Helping Out With Her Grandchildren More, So She Claimed Her Daughter Knew What She Was Getting Into After Having Another Kid With A Guy Who Never Contributes To Childcare

deagreez - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 45-year-old woman has 3 children, and her eldest daughter, Gia, is 28-years-old.

About five years ago, though, Gia decided to move into her boyfriend Marco’s place– which is about 90 minutes away from home.

Since then, her daughter and Marco have had two daughters together– who are now 4 and 1.

Despite Gia moving out a while ago, though, she claims that her childcare responsibilities have not gotten any easier.

Instead, her youngest daughter Alexis– who is 17– is both physically and mentally disabled. So, while Alexis is somewhat independent, she claims that her daughter will never be able to live on her own and still requires a good amount of care.

But, despite her full plate of responsibilities at home, Gia reportedly started hinting that she needed to go visit and help out after her oldest grandchild was born.

Now, she claims that she did go and visit Gia and Marco a couple of times after that.

“But Alexis’ health was pretty poor at that point, so that had to be my focus,” she recalled.

Then, the truth eventually came out about why her daughter wanted her help so badly. Apparently, Gia revealed that Marco did not help care for their baby at all. And honestly, she was very sympathetic.

deagreez – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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