Her Fiancé Said That She Looked Terrible In Her Favorite Color, So Now She’s Considering Getting Rid Of All Of Her Pink Items

In fact, she actually revealed how she tends to get compliments on her pink items. She is told that they are unique, cute, or “classy yet feminine.”

Due to her fiancé’s criticism, though, she is actually considering getting rid of every pink item she owns since they no longer bring her any positive feelings.

“I feel so childish being upset by this because it’s such a small issue. It’s my fiancé’s genuine opinion, and I respect him so much. But part of me is sad,” she admitted.

Her feelings ultimately spilled out, too, and she told her fiancé how upset his comments had made her feel.

So now, he actually feels terrible for sharing his honest opinion, and she has been left wondering whether coming clean about being upset by his comments was the wrong thing to do.

Do you think her fiancé was trying to hurt her feelings with his comments? Regardless, why do you think he doubled down and was negative about a color she clearly enjoys wearing? Would you have felt hurt, too? How would you handle this situation?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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