Her Late Night Snacking Used To Be Out Of Control, So She Came Up With This Healthy Recipe

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All anyone wants in life is to be able to get a good night’s sleep. So we draw the shades, silence our phones, and let our heads hit the pillow at a reasonable hour. (Let’s say 10 p.m.)

But when you’ve got the midnight munchies, the only thing that can stop you from tossing and turning in bed is a late-night snack.

You may be tempted to chow down on cookies or a bag of greasy potato chips. And although they sound delicious, they won’t benefit your body nutritionally. What you need is a healthy midnight snack that won’t weigh you down in the morning.

TikToker @nutritionbabe has just the stuff you’re looking for. She’s a registered dietitian nutritionist who lost a hundred pounds with the help of healthy eating.

Her recipe for roasted broccoli, accompanied by a velvety smooth yogurt dip, will satisfy your hunger while providing your body with the nutrients it needs. Her video demonstrating how to assemble the snack has over 2.6 million views.

“When I was a hundred pounds heavier, my late-night eating was out of control. I hated healthy food but hated how I felt more. So I had to find something to eat that I could tolerate,” she said.

Every night, she would snack on popcorn drenched in butter and salt. Over time, she realized that what she was really craving wasn’t the popcorn itself but the butter and salt.

Her fix for this was to replace the popcorn with broccoli instead. She stuck the frozen broccoli in the microwave, then coated it in butter spray and salt.

But the frozen broccoli would often become mushy in the microwave, so she turned to roasting.

StockPhotoPro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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