Her Late Night Snacking Used To Be Out Of Control, So She Came Up With This Healthy Recipe

By now, she has perfected her broccoli snack recipe. It’s tastier and more nutritious. We should be applauding the woman who found a way to make broccoli appealing.

The healthier version she’s showing us in her viral video does not include butter, but it’ll still quell those late-night cravings. She calls it the “broccoli snack masterpiece.” And so it is because it’s better than any chips or crackers.

To make it, massage the broccoli with olive oil and add garlic powder and salt. Cook the broccoli for 25 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a small bowl, mix a large scoop of Greek yogurt, some ranch seasoning, and green onions to create the dip.

What are your favorite midnight snacks?


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