His Brother Promised His Son That He Would Get To Be The Ringbearer, But Now That His Brother’s Fiancée Wants A Child-Free Wedding, He Believes His Brother Should Have To Explain That To His Son

olegparylyak - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

About a year ago, this 31-year-old man’s brother, who is 34, was thinking of proposing. And at the time, his brother reportedly “reassured” his 5-year-old son that he would be the ringbearer at the wedding when the time came.

“This conversation occurred after he heard us talking about mine and his dad’s wedding,” he added.

“He was very offended that he was not invited despite the fact that he would not be conceived for another three years after the event. My son really latched onto this comment.”

Anyway, months later, his brother eventually proposed, and now, his brother and his brother’s fiancée are planning their wedding.

So, once he shared the news with his son, his son was overjoyed. On top of that, his son “immediately” started bragging to his younger son– who was not born when the initial conversation took place– that he got to be “the ring bear.”

To be honest, though, he never actually heard the proposal news from his brother. Instead, he actually found out from his mom and opted to tell his son right away.

Then, he decided to give his brother a congratulatory call and tell his brother how excited his eldest son was. But, during that conversation, his brother was forced to be the bearer of bad news.

Apparently, it came out that his brother’s fiancée was “pretty adamant” about having a child-free wedding.

In other words, he was told that the promise of his son being the ringbearer was not possible anymore.

olegparylyak – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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