His Sister-In-Law Started Commenting On His Wife’s Eating Habits, So He Stepped In And Told His Sister-In-Law To Focus On Her Own Obese Kid

Afterward, his sister-in-law also began to comment on his wife’s body and attempted to give her tips on how to gain weight faster.

He stepped in, though, and told his sister-in-law that their doctor would take care of it and that she did not need to bother.

He hoped that would be enough to get her to stop since, after all, his wife was already sensitive about the topic. So, she does not like when other people talk about it.

Plus, in an effort to make sure their family had no other reasons to criticize his wife, he decided to order a bunch of different dishes for himself that he knew his wife liked to eat. That way, she would have more options without having all of the attention placed on her.

According to him, though, his sister-in-law picked up on what was going on. Then, she started making comments about how he and his wife constantly “waste so much food” just so his wife could eat a small portion.

The final straw, though, was when his sister-in-law claimed that he always babysat his wife and tried to say that his wife did not have an eating disorder at all. Instead, his sister-in-law claimed his wife was “just too picky.”

And by point, he had heard more than enough and decided to clap back at his sister-in-law. More specifically, he told her that she should focus more on her obese child and his diet before the kid is confronted with some serious health issues.

Just to clarify, the child also was not present at the dinner.

Then, he turned his attention to the rest of the family– telling them that the next time they wanted to see him and his wife, they should not invite “that woman.”

“I also told my brother that his wife is not allowed in our house anymore,” he recalled.

Afterward, he and his wife paid for what he ordered before immediately leaving the restaurant.

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