Say Goodbye To The Conventional Conversation Hearts And Try Out These Heart Jello Shots Instead For Valentine’s Day

TikTok - @onemoyersip

This Valentine’s Day, we’re saying goodbye to the chalky conversation hearts and setting our sights on these heart-shaped jello shots instead.

It’s like a dessert and drink, all bundled into one neat little package. It doesn’t require any baking either so there’s no need to roll your sleeves up and tackle the dreaded hot oven.

When you pull out the jiggly, bright red desserts, there will not be a person at the party who isn’t ecstatic to eat them.

And remember, it only takes two to make a party. So if it’s just you and your partner, that’s no excuse not to turn up!

TikToker @onemoyersip is making heart jello shots for V-Day, and she has included the recipe for those wanting to do the same. You won’t need a whole lot to make these jello shots.


-One jello packet

-A cup of boiling water

-1/2 cup of liquor

-1/2 cup of cold water

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