She Has An Interesting Catfish Story, And It Seems This Guy Could Have Been Potentially Dangerous

uladzislaulineu - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sadly, even after the MTV show got extremely popular and people became wearier of it, ‘catfishing’ is still very present in the online dating world.

As a reminder, Urban Dictionary describes a ‘catfish’ as someone who uses a fake identity that is “used for the purposes of beginning a deceptive relationship.” This frequently happens on social media or dating sites.

Now that so many of us are using dating apps, catfishes are finding more creative ways to trick people.

Thankfully, a young woman in Boston has done her part in trying to protect other women from a potentially dangerous person.

TikTok user and Boston resident Amanda (@yahurd1313) recently made a three-part video series about a man she met on Hinge that instantly struck her as being too good to be true.

“All my Boston ladies, we have another catfish situation brought to you by Hinge,” says Amanda at the start of her first video.

Amanda then explains that after a break from dating, she decided to download Hinge to see where it would take her. Eventually, she matched with a man named Luca.

“This man is, like, too fine,” says Amanda. “There is no way he’s real.”

Luca’s bio described him as being from Italy, his height was 6’4″, and his profile was filled with very handsome, model-standard pictures. He seemed like a total dreamboat!

uladzislaulineu – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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